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Are you helping a person with incipient dementia?

  • - Find mental exercises and activities that you can enjoy together
  • - Create your own material
  • - Find tips to take care of... you, the care-taker!

Dianoia mobile application

Dianoia is a mobile application for caretakers of people with a mild cognitive disorder or incipient dementia that is available for free. It offers printable mental exercises for the patients ready to use, to boost the self-confidence of the person with dementia so that they have a good time. As well as pleasant exercises and relaxation tips for the caretakers, so that they are psychologically reinforced.

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Take care of the patient

Help the people with incipient dementia to improve their mental functions, their mood, their functionality and quality of life by giving them riddles, looking back at memories, even doing daily chores or activities they used to love!

Here you'll find exercises in categories like: Memory, Attention, Thought and Speech, Executive Funtions Exercises which are available in 2 difficulty levels. You can also create your own exercises and if you wish to, you can share them with the community.

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Care-taker? Take care of yourself!

You're very willing to help your patients, but it drains you psychologically and you may want a pleasant get away. Help yourself recharge so that you come back strong. Use the activities for caretakers. At the same time you can refer to the sources we provide, with advice from experts and lots of bibliography.

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