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Welcome to the Dianoia Marketplace!

A platform that we developed at SciFY to support people with emerging Dementia, as well as their carers. Through the platform, you can find activities and exercises tailored to every cognitive level, that in combination with pharmaceutical therapy can help the patient to remain functional, active, and have quality time, as well as tips for carers on how to manage patients regarding the exercises.

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These activities are divided into 3 categories:

1. Mental exercises, 2. Creative Activities, 3. Stories

Let’s see in detail what you can do with each:

1. Mental exercises

Printable pencil and paper activities, divided into difficulty levels. Here we can find Focus activities, Memory, Speech & Thought, as well as Executive functions.

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2. Creative activities

Short activities from the patient’s daily routine

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3. Stories

Short, fun stories that after the patient reads the plot, there are separate small exercises for it.

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Through Dianoia, the carer can find a collection of activities and helpful links with sources in order to discharge, relax, and psychologically empower themselves, after a hard day’s work.

Dianoia Marketplace gives everyone the ability to create exercises that will then be available through the Dianoia mobile app:

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When in the “Create new exercise” screen, we should add a descriptive title, a short description, an optional image, language, difficulty level, as well as the belonging category. After that, we need to upload the pdf file of the activity, and check the checkboxes that suggest that we have read the Terms Of Use and the Privacy Policy.

Once we have created the exercise, the administrative team of Dianoia Marketplace with review the exercise, and will decide if the exercise will be published on the Dianoia mobile app, or only on the Dianoia Marketplace.

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